Traditions and quality

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The story of Kozle Ltd.

Kozle Ltd is a small business, specialized in producing of goat cheese. Kozle Ltd. is one of the promoters for the establishment of bio-products of Bulgarian and international market. Kozle Ltd. has their own farm at the foot of the Pirin 170 goats and dairy farm where daily put their knowledge and love for the magic to happen to good cheese .

About our farm

"Kozle Ltd." it is an elite farm for breeding goats. It is located near the town of Bansko, on the edge of the forest .

Our activities

We produce high quality organic milk and cheese from the foot of Pirin mountain. The farm was established in 2009 .

Our goats

Prevailing are local long-haired goat and Kalofer-long-haired goat, whose products are of very high quality .

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Facts about

our products

Guaranteed origin

All products of Kozle Ltd. are produced by its own high-quality goat milk.

European quality

All products of Kozle Ltd. are BIO-certified and meet European quality standards.

Incomparable taste

The natural taste of the products with brand Kozle is due to our milk, obtained from autochthonous breed goats .